Successful educational opportunities for ALL Wisconsin’s children

Meet the Candidate for Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Lowell Holtz

Successful educational opportunities for ALL Wisconsin’s children

Meet the Candidate for Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Lowell Holtz

icon1Improve Collaboration

Common Core steals away local control

Raise Graduation Rates

Wisconsin has the worst achievement gap in the nation

Honor Teachers

Wisconsin’s teachers need our encouragement and support

Over 30 years of public service to the children and families of the state of Wisconsin. Dr. Lowell Holtz is Wisconsin’s kidservative candidate for state superintendent.

More than 35 years of educational experience

  • Teacher – grades 3 & 4
  • Principal – suburban elementary and middle school
  • Principal – rural elementary school
  • District Administrator – rural farming community
  • District Administrator – urban minority-majority high poverty district
  • District Administrator – suburban Milwaukee district
  • Adjunct Graduate Program Instructor – Educational Leadership

Degrees Earned

  • Bachelors Degree – Concordia University
  • Master of Science – UW Madison
  • Doctor of Education – Cardinal Stritch University

Track Record

  • Raised test scores in all districts and schools served by collaborating with teachers, administrators and parents
  • Collaborated with business, industry and community to
    • Create a regional, multi-district career and technical education academy
    • Launch annual business/education summit
    • Create Charter schools
  • Partnered with a team of parents and community members to build one of the state’s finest high school athletic complexes without raising taxes
  • Led successful urban school reform effort, drastically reduced violence, returned control of classroom to teachers, closed achievement gaps and increased graduation rates
  • Consistently raised teacher satisfaction, pre- and post-Act 10
  • Nominated by teachers and parents as Wisconsin Principal of the Year
  • Named National Distinguished Principal by US Department of Education
  • Put systems and teams in place to consistently close gaps by raising academic achievement of all students


Low performing schools are not the fault of teachers, parents or students. They are the fault of the system that is currently in place. We cannot continue to lose children because we do not have the courage to put a system in place that will lead to student success.

Common core lowers the bar and is not good for our children who are expected to compete, not just on the state level, but on the national and international levels as well.


The role of schools throughout history has been to prepare our children, with the help of families and churches, to be good productive citizens of the community. In order to improve opportunities for our children, schools need to strengthen the partnership between the home and the community. Schools that create learning organizations and collaborative learning teams, and place an emphasis on serving children in partnership with their communities, will be successful.

Success is a direct result of the team with which we work. If we strive to form a strong team, the children of the State of Wisconsin will be the winners!


As your state Superintendent of Instruction, we will work together to –

  • Ensure the children of Wisconsin are competing on a global level
  • Return local control to your districts
  • Change the culture and climate of our educational system to let our teachers know we value the work they do
  • Raise graduation rates by closing achievement gaps
  • Advocate for strong schools, no matter if they are public, private, parochial, charter, or voucher schools

We can no longer turn our back on the thousands of children who are victims of failing schools. Local control must be returned so we can safeguard the future for the next generation.


Legislative Endorsements
State Senator Mary Lazich
Representative Thomas Weatherston
Representative Samantha Kerkman
Representative Janel Brandtjen
Representative Cody Horlacher

Bob Spindell
Chair, RPW 4th Congressional District
The 4th Congressional District Republican Party of Wisconsin recognizes the significant accomplishments Dr. Lowell Holtz has made over the course of his career in the name of education reform for Wisconsin’s school children. We wholeheartedly stand behind him in his race to be Wisconsin’s next Superintendent of Public Instruction”

Dr. John Tharp
Clinical Professor
Department of Administrative Leadership
University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee

“Dr. Lowell Holtz is an experienced and passionate educator who has a caring heart for children. As state superintendent, he will ensure that all students in the state of Wisconsin receive a high quality education.”

Rep. Don Pridemore (retired)
22nd State Assembly District and
2013 Candidate for DPI Superintendent

“I believe Dr. Lowell Holtz is the most qualified candidate currently running for the statewide office of Superintendent for the Department of Public Instruction. As a district superintendent, he has a proven record of increasing achievement levels and graduation rates in every school district he has led. He has experience with public, private and charter schools and recognizes that competition from choice and virtual schools is the future and will improve education for all. Dr. Holtz will fight for local control and against Federal takeover programs like Common Core. Wisconsin can become a leader in education reform under the leadership of Dr. Lowell Holtz!”

Roger Clark
I have had the opportunity to know Lowell through the Whitnall Park Rotary Club and as a member in the Whitnall School district. He is one that has vision and has the determination to make it happen.

Walter James-Pacheco

“In 2007, Dr. Holtz came to the School District of Beloit as our new superintendent and hired me as the Principal of Aldrich Middle after I had served as Aldrich’s Assistant Principal the four previous years. Aldrich is a very diverse school and I had been working hard to get all of our students achieving higher academically and participating in higher numbers in school sponsored clubs and athletic programs. I knew I could not do this by myself. I needed a strong team of teachers, community partners, parents, and researchers to help me achieve the lofty goal of making success for all of our students a reality. I told Dr. Holtz that I needed to create and strengthen partnerships with the Boys and Girls and Girls Club, Beloit College, UW-Whitewater, UW-Madison, Merrill Community Center, and local businesses and churches. I needed all the professional resources I could find to take an interest in Aldrich Middle School Students. I also reached out to parents relentlessly to have them support the education of our kids in the best ways they could.” Read More Here

Barb and Karl Stave

“We have had 3 children graduate from Whitnall High School, 2 under the leadership of Dr. Lowell Holtz. I cannot say enough about his innovative ideas, effectiveness and genuine concern for the welfare and success of each student. I found him to be easy to work with, approachable and willing to listen to all sides of an issue or idea. The loss of Dr. Holtz from our school district will be a huge win for the State of Wisconsin.”



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