The Five Ways
We practice five different ways how we can prepare our students for the life to come and how we can help them to learn all the necessary things they need to know in order to have a better life some day. It is very important to teach our students all about the paramount skills that they need to obtain in order to become successful. The greatest role in this learning process is being played by the educators themselves. With this in mind, we have come up with the five most important ways how we can make sure that the students truly understand the knowledge that is passed down to them. It is always important to encourage teamwork. Even the most inert members of our society can achieve their role if they feel like they are part of a team. This is one of the biggest things that our students need. When they get the chance to work as a team, that is when their academic spirit is really motivated. This can help them to evolve intellectually and become better persons later on. Through this teamwork, they learn and understand how to share credit, compromise and communicate and more importantly, how to work together. If we put more projects and assignments before them that motivate them to work together, we are doing something really significant for the better tomorrow of these children.

Always focus on the future

It is very important to be future focused for what will come next in life. The school time will not last forever and the sooner our young adults prepare themselves for what is next, the sooner they will start being responsible. This implies that they start putting their knowledge to some good use as well as learning all about finance managing and making life plans. A school can show them the direction but it is they who need to make the first step towards their own goal. This leads us to our third way of learning new things and that would be complex thinking. It is not all about getting something done, it is doing it in the right way. This could be considered as one of the most important ways of all five, right next to teamwork. We honestly believe that this way of doing things will help our students to get on the right path in their lives. Preparation for college and career is also one of the crucial ways. We give our best to teach our students about the importance of getting to the right college and picking the right career. The fifth way is the way how our students master the gained skills during their educational period.
Meet Dr. Holtz
Hailing from Wisconsin, Dr. Lowell Holtz is one of the most prominent figures in our educational center and truly, a man with a vision. He's the one who is responsible for all the success that our center has achieved during all these years since our founding. Led by his vision to always give nothing but the best to his students, Dr. Holtz has managed to develop one of the most effective educational programs in the USA. With more than 30 years of education experience, this unstoppable genius still manages to maintain the highest quality level of his education towards his students. Dr. Holtz used to be a well known elementary and middle school principal before he moved to become the superintendent of our Wisconsin educational center. He won the award of a Wisconsin Principal of the Year only to second that with the National Distinguished Principal of Peshtigo. He put tremendous efforts to improve the educational system in the county as well as to reach out to the parents and explain to them how important it is for the community to have the highest quality education. It is well known that he wants nothing but the best for his students and only if we all work together is this achievable. With all this in mind, Dr. Holtz has managed to partner up with parents and various community members in order to achieve all this as well as become the leader of a very successful urban school reform. He has managed to build one of the finest schools and students are more than happy to attend the classes here. Dr. Holtz also managed to put together teams that are always working on improving their Academy and raising academic achievements of all students that attend this center of education.  
Knowledge Sharing
When it comes to the education, knowledge sharing is of the greatest importance. Student initiatives are the best way how one school or the academy can share their wealth of knowledge with the students. Designing the most effective system would be the best way how the students can get their fair share of the necessary knowledge. Many institutions across the country have raised retention and student achievement. The higher the education, the better the achievement. The dissemination of lessons will only enable innovation and this is one of the most positive things about knowledge sharing. The innovations are always crucial when a new system is established. Also, they have a really great impact on community college reform. For one innovation to be successfully implemented, a reform must be performed. It is a process that takes time but, nothing great has been built over the night. Only if the whole community is involved, the reform will be successfully performed. In order to successfully share the knowledge, a support is needed between the funders who are associated with higher education institutions, policy makers, administrators, and educators. Together, we can come up with the original research in order to find the best way how we can share the knowledge with our students. They depend on our system and the system is only good as much as we are.

We have to make a plan for the future

The only way how we can make sure that our knowledge sharing system really works is if we come up with a plan. That plan needs to include the demonstration of decision making that was based on the value of the evidence presented and it needs to become the benchmark of the performance of our center as an educational institution. This benchmark is based strictly on our students' outcomes. The students are only good as we are so it will not be an easy task. The best way to share knowledge is if we provide our students with access to research institutions and their policies as well ass if we gain them access to various practices in order for them to improve their outcomes and rates. The other educational centers will simply follow the example once they realize how good this knowledge sharing system works for us and the students will be more than pleased to be a part of such a great cause.
Improve Discipline And Safety, Performance Will Follow
I is for Improving performance, discipline and safety. My campaign has three carefully selected legs to its platform:  honoring and empowering our teachers; advancing and embracing lSlide1ocal control; and improving performance, discipline and safety.  Of course, one person cannot accomplish these things all alone – it takes a great team. Improving safety is key for both teacher and student success. In many of our schools, however, we are failing to provide a safe and nurturing environment. When such basic needs are not met, as Maslow suggested in his hierarchy of needs, the ability to achieve deteriorates for teachers and students alike. The culture and environment becomes negative and discouraging; good teachers leave and students become truant. In Beloit, we improved safety by hiring retired law enforcement officers who knew the gangs and how to appropriately manage misbehavior.  As safety improved, so did our attendance and teacher comfort and satisfaction. Improving discipline is also important in a variety of ways. Teachers need to know the administration will help manage classrooms and back them when necessary.  In the same fashion, principals must know superintendents will stand up to the board and/or change policies when they are counter-productive.  Otherwise, discipline is only a word, and that’s why standards and expectations must be clearly communicated and understood.  Of course, when students must be removed from class, expelling and sending them home typically makes no sense –  which is why I’m a strong proponent of alternative educational opportunities and character education to help disruptive students keep up with course work. With safety and discipline improved, it’s much easier to attract and retain great teachers.  It’s also easier to inspire students to reach for new heights. And that’s when performance really improves.  In Beloit, we reduced truancy, added AP course offerings, increased graduation rates and improved test scores.  Our minority graduation rate went from levels below Milwaukee and Madison, to above 80%.  Using my proven methods, with new leadership in the role of Superintendent of Public Instruction, there’s no reason we cannot achieve similar results all across Wisconsin. To reiterate, accomplishing this transformation will not be the task of one person – it will take the resolve of every student, parent and teacher to make it happen. The solution will not look the same in each school. It will take help from the community. It will also require the help of our educational leaders, plus the Governor and legislators in both parties.  It will take hard work, but we can do this – please join me in making a difference in children’s lives. Discipline and safety are always going hand in hand. One cannot exist without the other. If you want to become a successful student, you have to maintain your discipline at all times. Each student here is the example to the others and they will do what they see. With bringing the discipline and safety on the highest level, the performance will follow shortly after. Only by achieving this, we will be able to show our students how important it is to always stay focused and take care of each other. When a certain student feels safe in his or her environment, they will feel compelled to prosper and pay more attention because they do not want to be left out. That is the moment we can truly awaken the academic spirit in these children and make them compete with each other in the best and the most positive of ways. Always Serving Kids, I ASK you to Volunteer or Contribute today!
Holtz Outlines Plan To Immediately Eliminate Common Core in Wisconsin
“Originally, Common Core was marketed across America as a Corvette, and what we received was a manure spreader,” said Holtz. “Governors, legislators, educators and citizens all across the country were misled through high pressure marketing of the Common Core standards. We were promised one thing and given another. As a school superintendent, I saw firsthand how former-President Obama’s administration sought to implement a one-size-fits-all, top-down curriculum scheme that increased government bureaucracy and heightened the risk of politicized curriculum decisions, instead of improving student performance. The state exam based on Common Core standards really did not give us a clear picture of how our kids were competing academically, so as superintendent, I wrote a grant so my students could take the international PISA-OECD test. I wanted them to be able to compete not only on a local level, but an international level as well. The current Forward exam is based on the Common Core. This forces district administrators, who want their students to do well on the test, to align their curriculum with Common Core standards. By working with the Governor and legislators, Common Core can be eliminated immediately. If we truly believe it is bad for our kids, we can’t afford to wait any longer. This would require changing the current Forward exam, which DPI administers to our students, and giving our teachers and parents a different test to use. This can be done with little or no additional cost to our taxpayers. While such a decision might lead to some break-up fees, regaining local control of curriculum decisions should outweigh that cost. Changing to a prescriptive test, such as the MAP test, returns control for curriculum development to the district level, while at the same time providing our teachers with timely information about how their students are learning. What was intended to be the solution that would upgrade the educational system in Wisconsin, turned out to be a complete fraud and we will not put up with it. That is why Dr. Lowell Holtz started this initiative to completely and immediately eliminate common core in Wisconsin because he truly believes that it will bring nothing good to the educational system in our county. Instead of boosting that academic spirit of our future students, we seem to get nothing but more bureaucracy. As a superintendent, I simply do not see who this will be helpful to our future students in any way. The new system was supposed to make it easier on them, instead of doing that, it will only make it even harder and that is not good at all. I just feel an obligation to these kids and I cannot and will not support this system. As Superintendent of Public Instruction, I will expect higher performance goals from our schools, while at the same time fight to keep control of our schools in the hands of our families, teachers, students and local communities,” he concluded.  
Dr. Holtz On Improving Graduation Rates
In every community I have served, we have reduced the dropout rate and in a high poverty urban district substantially increased the graduation rate. DPI has failed to serve our children and our communities by creating a system where we have as many as 40% of students in some districts dropping out of school. According to DPI’s WISEdash site, as of the 2014-15 school year, the four-year completion rate for Milwaukee Public Schools was 58.2%. This is creating a huge drain on the economy of the entire state. It is estimated that the state of Wisconsin averages about 7,000 dropouts per year. 7000. We are NOT creating a workforce; we are creating welfare communities that become high crime areas. Children who drop out do not have the education or training to do anything else. Dropouts lower incomes, add to high unemployment rates, an increased need for medical care, and a higher propensity for incarceration creates a virtual vortex that consumes Wisconsinites tax dollars at a vicious rate. In 2011 dropouts cost the state of Wisconsin $503 million in Medicaid costs, incarceration costs and lost income tax. The economic drain is enormous and negatively impacts every community and individual in Wisconsin. Working with community leaders, we not only reduced that dropout rate, but found opportunities for the students who dropped out in the past. We developed programs which successfully trained former dropouts for graduation and the work opportunities that came along with it. By the way, the graduation rate is now one of the incumbent’s priorities for his DPI Agenda 2017. Why did we have to lose about 56,000 kids to poverty and crime during his terms in office before it became a priority? DPI has failed our children by allowing the achievement gaps to get so out of control that according to a recent Journal Sentinel article Wisconsin is last in the nation! Not near the top taking the lead, not even mediocre in the middle somewhere. Dead Last. The largest gap in the country. If after eight years in office we are dead last in any achievement category, you will not have to worry about voting me out. I will leave because I have failed to serve the children of our state. I personally guarantee that after eight years in office I will have successfully collaborated with our school communities to not only decrease failing schools but close the achievement gaps and increase academic competition on the national and global level, you will not have to vote me out. Again, working with community leaders in Beloit, we raised the bar across the board for every student. The result? We slashed the achievement gap and substantially increased achievement scores at all levels! We need to give our kids the education they need to be competitive not just in our community, but on a national and global level as well. That is who they will be competing with for the jobs. We need kids who are employed so we don’t have to worry about creating a “welfare state”, but rather we want to create a workforce that has the ability to not only sustain Social Security, but ensure that it is there for themselves and future generations. It does not happen without a solid education. That is why it is so important to work on the quality of our education here. That is exactly why we insist so on teaching our students how to manage their time, work in teams, communicate, compromise and become responsible. During my time here, I have personally made sure that I get in touch with parents and community members who are associated with the high education institutions. I did this because I saw the need to present these issues to them and ask for their help in order to rise above the situation and find the best possible solution that would be most beneficial to our students. They are the pillar of our society and the very example of how successful our educational system in Wisconsin really is. This is how we eventually managed to become one of the most distinguished educational centers in a very short period of time. No one can do this on their own. Teams I have put together have done it in the past and I have a plan for working collaboratively with all of Wisconsin’s districts to do it in the future!
Candidate For Wisconsin Superintendent Of Public Instruction

Thoughts on Education

Low performing schools are not the fault of teachers, parents or students. They are caused by poor leadership, low expectations, and an entrenched system that looks out for itself instead of the kids. We must summon the courage to acknowledge our past failures and commit to change.  Tony Evers has had 16 years at DPI to fix achievement gaps in Milwaukee and Madison and he has failed.  Our state cannot afford to lose another generation – CHANGE IS URGENTLY NEEDED!


The role of schools throughout history has been to prepare our children, with the help of their family, religious institutions, and communities, to be good and productive citizens.  In order to improve opportunities for our children, schools need to strengthen the partnership between the home and the community.  Schools that create learning organizations and collaborative learning teams, and place an emphasis on serving children in partnership with their communities, will be successful. As a leader in public education for roughly thirty years, I have NEVER been afraid of competition – it makes ALL of us better!


As your state Superintendent of Instruction, we will work together to – Ensure the children of Wisconsin are competing on a global level Improve performance, safety and discipline levels Change the culture and climate of our educational system to attract and retain great teachers Return local control to your districts Advocate for strong schools, no matter if they are public, private, parochial, charter, or voucher schools We can no longer turn our back on the thousands of children who are victims of failing schools. Local control must be returned so we can safeguard the future for the next generation. Success is a direct result of the team with which we work. If we strive to build strong teams to compete in the education marketplace, the children, our neighbors, and the State of Wisconsin will be the winners! We simply want our educational center to be the best and become the leader of education in our great country. We strongly believe that it is possible if we just put our minds to it. Better conditions, better schools and better educational programs with professional teachers who will give their best to teach our future young adults everything they need to know in the right way. We want to motivate our students to fight for themselves, not just learn what they have to and pass the exams. Only if we motivate them to grow and develop themselves in the best way possible, we can say that we achieved success. We are very supportive of strong educational system and schools which value the quality over quantity at any time. We need to raise the test scores, invest into the technical education academy and launch educational summits. The collaboration between the parents, administrators and teachers, is of the utmost importance. Only if this collaboration is achieved, the improvement will take place. We can build one of the finest schools in the country only if we put our minds to it and I am sure that we can do that very easily together.

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