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Hailing from Wisconsin, Dr. Lowell Holtz is one of the most prominent figures in our educational center and truly, a man with a vision. He’s the one who is responsible for all the success that our center has achieved during all these years since our founding.

Led by his vision to always give nothing but the best to his students, Dr. Holtz has managed to develop one of the most effective educational programs in the USA. With more than 30 years of education experience, this unstoppable genius still manages to maintain the highest quality level of his education towards his students.

Dr. Lowel HoltzDr. Holtz used to be a well known elementary and middle school principal before he moved to become the superintendent of our Wisconsin educational center. He won the award of a Wisconsin Principal of the Year only to second that with the National Distinguished Principal of Peshtigo.

He put tremendous efforts to improve the educational system in the county as well as to reach out to the parents and explain to them how important it is for the community to have the highest quality education. It is well known that he wants nothing but the best for his students and only if we all work together is this achievable.

With all this in mind, Dr. Holtz has managed to partner up with parents and various community members in order to achieve all this as well as become the leader of a very successful urban school reform. He has managed to build one of the finest schools and students are more than happy to attend the classes here.

Dr. Holtz also managed to put together teams that are always working on improving their Academy and raising academic achievements of all students that attend this center of education.


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