Knowledge And The Experience Are The Very Keys To Success

About Us

No matter what the goals in your life are, we have the best means to help you to achieve those goals. Our center of education in San Antonio has all the necessary things that will make you a skillful young adult, ready for the world before you.

It will not be a simple task, not at all but, if we work together, student and educator, the mission will be achieved most certainly.

Our educational programs, projects, and assignments were meant to teach all of you three things, teamwork, compromise, and communication. These skills are the ways how all of you can accomplish whatever comes to your minds.

Feel free to work with us honestly and openly and we can guarantee you that we will prepare you well for whatever stands in your way in the future. Remember, the future is yours, all you have to do is grab it.

What We Offer


There are many skills that are waiting for you in our educational center. This is a perfect opportunity to put your hands on some advanced knowledge and many other things. Our center is one of the most advanced ones absolutely.


There's only one thing that goes best with the knowledge and that would be the experience. We are offering you a chance of a lifetime to become skillful and experienced. The best way to become successful is through gaining experience.


Our education center is also a really great place for getting to know many interesting people. Different people have different needs and great minds think alike so do not miss your chance to find your given place among the best.

Why We Are Different

Many people would ask themselves the same question, what
makes better than the other educational centers. There is only
one simple answer to that and that would be dedication. We are
one hundred percent dedicated to the improvement of your
educational skills.

We fight every day to make sure that our students have the needed materials and safe environments in order for them to thrive and prosper while they are learning how to become better persons. We will do our best to make each and every student give their maximum and find their rightfully given place under the sun of knowledge and prosperity.

There are many centers of education in the world but they are nothing like what we have right here. With us, the success is guaranteed. With us, your child will become a responsible young adult that knows how to handle any situation put before him or her.

Our Teachers

Our team of teachers has been comprised of the greatest experts that the world can give. We're very strict about the quality of our education as we strongly believe that is the most important virtue of our system. With this in our minds, we would like to present to you the STEM system of our education. We strongly believe that science, technology, engineering, and math are the most important subjects in our system of education. This is our STEM team.

Science Teacher

The first member of our team is the science teacher. This practical man has one thing in his mind and that's how to teach his students all that he knows.

Technology Educator

Our technology educator is a man with a profound vision who always talks about the advantages of modern age. He makes a perfect atmosphere where education is allowed to flourish.

Engeneering Professor

Our engineering professor is here to show to our students all the advantages of becoming an engineer and why is that so important to them. It's all about the innovation.

Math Teacher

Math teacher has a unique approach to his students. Instead of just giving them the lessons, he tries to explain the world through numbers and figures relying on math laws.


The last in line would be out superintendent who teaches the students how to become responsible for their actions and how to compromise and communicate and work together.


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Platform & thoughts on education

Low performing schools are not the fault of teachers, parents or students. They are the fault of leadership and an entrenched system — which looks out for itself, not the kids. We must summon the courage to acknowledge past failures and commit to change. Tony Evers has had 16 years to fix the achievement gaps in Milwaukee and Madison, and he has failed. We cannot lose another generation – CHANGE IS URGENTLY NEEDED!

Our Platform for Wisconsin’s kids to “learn,
compete and win” is focused on three things:

Improving Performance, Discipline & Safety

Honoring & Empowering our Teachers

Advancing & Embracing Local Control


Vern Wold

I have successfully graduated from Wisconsin center of education and I can say that the teachers really helped me out to become a successful man of today that I am. I would strongly suggest to all to visit this center.

William Grand

Many people from my hood told me about how good this educational center is so I decided to go there myself. It was the best decision I could make at the time and the knowledge I have gained was excellent.

Charlene Toy

If I could do it all again, I'd go through everything again. This center changed my life in the best and the most positive way. Thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart. I am now a CEO.


If you like our site, visit us at 2188 Westfall Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78210, call us on 505-989-6757, or contact us using our contact form!

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