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Low performing schools are not the fault of teachers, parents or students. They are caused by poor leadership, low expectations, and an entrenched system that looks out for itself instead of the kids. We must summon the courage to acknowledge our past failures and commit to change.  Tony Evers has had 16 years at DPI to fix achievement gaps in Milwaukee and Madison and he has failed.  Our state cannot afford to lose another generation – CHANGE IS URGENTLY NEEDED!


The role of schools throughout history has been to prepare our children, with the help of their family, religious institutions, and communities, to be good and productive citizens.  In order to improve opportunities for our children, schools need to strengthen the partnership between the home and the community.  Schools that create learning organizations and collaborative learning teams, and place an emphasis on serving children in partnership with their communities, will be successful.


As a leader in public education for roughly thirty years, I have NEVER been afraid of competition – it makes ALL of us better!


As your state Superintendent of Instruction, we will work together to –

Ensure the children of Wisconsin are competing on a global level

Improve performance, safety and discipline levels

Change the culture and climate of our educational system to attract and retain great teachers

Return local control to your districts

Advocate for strong schools, no matter if they are public, private, parochial, charter, or voucher schools

ActionWe can no longer turn our back on the thousands of children who are victims of failing schools. Local control must be returned so we can safeguard the future for the next generation. Success is a direct result of the team with which we work. If we strive to build strong teams to compete in the education marketplace, the children, our neighbors, and the State of Wisconsin will be the winners!

We simply want our educational center to be the best and become the leader of education in our great country. We strongly believe that it is possible if we just put our minds to it. Better conditions, better schools and better educational programs with professional teachers who will give their best to teach our future young adults everything they need to know in the right way.

We want to motivate our students to fight for themselves, not just learn what they have to and pass the exams. Only if we motivate them to grow and develop themselves in the best way possible, we can say that we achieved success. We are very supportive of strong educational system and schools which value the quality over quantity at any time.

We need to raise the test scores, invest into the technical education academy and launch educational summits. The collaboration between the parents, administrators and teachers, is of the utmost importance. Only if this collaboration is achieved, the improvement will take place. We can build one of the finest schools in the country only if we put our minds to it and I am sure that we can do that very easily together.

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