Improve Discipline And Safety, Performance Will Follow

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I is for Improving performance, discipline and safety.

My campaign has three carefully selected legs to its platform:  honoring and empowering our teachers; advancing and embracing lSlide1ocal control; and improving performance, discipline and safety.  Of course, one person cannot accomplish these things all alone – it takes a great team.

Improve DisciplineImproving safety is key for both teacher and student success. In many of our schools, however, we are failing to provide a safe and nurturing environment. When such basic needs are not met, as Maslow suggested in his hierarchy of needs, the ability to achieve deteriorates for teachers and students alike. The culture and environment becomes negative and discouraging; good teachers leave and students become truant. In Beloit, we improved safety by hiring retired law enforcement officers who knew the gangs and how to appropriately manage misbehavior.  As safety improved, so did our attendance and teacher comfort and satisfaction.

Improving discipline is also important in a variety of ways. Teachers need to know the administration will help manage classrooms and back them when necessary.  In the same fashion, principals must know superintendents will stand up to the board and/or change policies when they are counter-productive.  Otherwise, discipline is only a word, and that’s why standards and expectations must be clearly communicated and understood.  Of course, when students must be removed from class, expelling and sending them home typically makes no sense –  which is why I’m a strong proponent of alternative educational opportunities and character education to help disruptive students keep up with course work.

With safety and discipline improved, it’s much easier to attract and retain great teachers.  It’s also easier to inspire students to reach for new heights. And that’s when performance really improves.  In Beloit, we reduced truancy, added AP course offerings, increased graduation rates and improved test scores.  Our minority graduation rate went from levels below Milwaukee and Madison, to above 80%.  Using my proven methods, with new leadership in the role of Superintendent of Public Instruction, there’s no reason we cannot achieve similar results all across Wisconsin.

To reiterate, accomplishing this transformation will not be the task of one person – it will take the resolve of every student, parent and teacher to make it happen. The solution will not look the same in each school. It will take help from the community. It will also require the help of our educational leaders, plus the Governor and legislators in both parties.  It will take hard work, but we can do this – please join me in making a difference in children’s lives.

Discipline and safety are always going hand in hand. One cannot exist without the other. If you want to become a successful student, you have to maintain your discipline at all times. Each student here is the example to the others and they will do what they see. With bringing the discipline and safety on the highest level, the performance will follow shortly after.

Improve Discipline And Safety

Only by achieving this, we will be able to show our students how important it is to always stay focused and take care of each other. When a certain student feels safe in his or her environment, they will feel compelled to prosper and pay more attention because they do not want to be left out. That is the moment we can truly awaken the academic spirit in these children and make them compete with each other in the best and the most positive of ways.

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